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Photo Retouching Prices

Our custom retouching rate is €60 EUR per hour. Keep in mind that our prices vary depending on your project’s needs, so please use this pricing guide as a reference only. Since every customer has very specific requirements, we quote every project individually as we estimate the time required to complete your order. 3 rounds of revisions are included in our offer, unless otherwise stated. Additional instructions or extra revisions are charged separately. Our prices are quoted in euro(EUR) for customers within Europe and in the rest of the world and in US dollars for customers from the USA (by request).

High End Retouching
 Fashion; Beauty; Editorial; Corporate headshots; Creative projects quote
Product Photo RetouchingBasic product cleaning, Color correction, Brightness Correction, Exposure Adjustment, Optimization for web etc. from

10-25+   minutes

Color ReplacementColor replacementquote
Background removalBackground removal/replacement with a solid white, grey, or transparent backdropfrom 7
Photo MontageCompositing; Head/face swap; Age regression/progression; Collages; Advanced Effectsquote
Photo RestorationDust, stains and scratches cleaning, Restoration of missing parts of background /face/ clothing, Faded areas restoration, Tear and Water damage repair. Photo Colorization etc.30 – 90+ minutes
PRO PhotographersBasic Color correction, Exposure Adjustment (optional)

Skin retouching without blurring & losing skin texture

custom  quote
Standard Headshot RetouchingSpots and blemishes/wrinkles/scars smoothing; eye bags/puffy eyes; Sweat / skin glare removal, Skin smoothing without blurring, Eyes/teeth enhancement etc 10 – 20+ minutes
Body RetouchingBody slimming; Enlarge/ Reduce breasts size; Add muscles; Tattoo removal; Smoothing out cellulite and stretch marks etc.quote
Graphic Design Services Album Cover Design; Book Cover Design; Collages; Poster Design; Panorama; Business Cards; Logo Design; Promotional Materialsquote

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