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Color replacement is an expert niche and requires the help of somebody with a know-how and general knowledge of the service.

This is where RetouchGem comes in, as we offer a truly unique color replacement service for online stores and catalogues.

Recolor puma trainers blue
Recolor puma trainers pink
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Today, the online marketplace has absolutely exploded with new individuals looking to assert themselves on the market and make sure that their products are easily recognizable for years to come.

The way that the internet makes this so easy for websites today is the ability to use digital enhancement to cut costs and improve quality and efficiency all round.
Whereas in the past if a product came in two colors it would need to be shot twice, today using color replacement services you can totally cut out the need to do this and instead use one picture to show 5 or 6 different variants.

This is perfect for businesses that sell the same product in different colors, allowing a perfect showcase of how the image might look at the other end.

This increases confidence in your products and gives your potential clients a clear idea of what each variation will actually look like.

Various color displays can help satisfy a wider audience and make sure that you get the help you need in making the sales volumes you have agreed upon with your staff.


Not everyone has the same tastes, so why should you limit your customer to only seeing one variation or one color of a product?

This can make a massive difference to your overall success as a business and help give your clients far more choice and a fair representation of what you provide.

Sometimes, even taking the photos yourself won’t do your products justice as the camera might dilute the color slightly.

With the help of our color changing service, you don’t need to worry about this becoming a problem anymore – we can make sure your products shine as good online as they do in real life.

Changing the color yourself can be damaging to the quality and credibility of the shot, so your best bet really is to use a professional service like RetouchGem, as we have many years of experience in touching up photography and making it look it’s very best for the web.


Why choose RetouchGem?

  • With 7 years of industry experience, we offer a complete product photography retouching service including color, print or texture replacement
  • Your photos are properly optimized for a website or printing
  • Our photo retouching rates start at €7
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